How to fold?

The animation below shows you the 2 types of folding you will have to do for the TOMAOK and ORIGADREAM papercraft kits:
– The Mountain fold (left) corresponds to the lines with small dashes.
– The Valley fold (Valley fold – right) corresponds to the lines with large dashes.

If you are an origami enthusiast, you are certainly familiar with this type of folding.

These 2 different lines will give the direction of the folding and will allow to obtain the final result of the sculpture.


TIP : regarding the Valley fold, it is recommended do first a Mountain fold (because the paper folds more easily with this direction) and then finish with a Valley fold.

Are the parts already pre-cut?

Yes, all parts are already pre-cut. In addition, the fold lines are pre-grooved to offer you the most accurate folding and assembly possible.

How to proceed with the assembly?

First download the instruction manual for your kit. The download address is on the back cover of the kit. This manual will give you the order of the parts to be assembled.

Each part has a LARGE NUMBER which is generally located towards the center of the part (example. n°36 on the animation below. This part n°36 will be assembled with the following part n°37 for example…).

Each part also has small numbers on the contours. Just find the identical small numbers and assemble them together (example. n°48 of part 36 which goes with the n°48 of the other part – on the below animation).